How do I unenroll from a Program session?

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To unenroll from a session, please click the Program you are enrolled in.  Select “View other available sessions for this Program.”


You will then have the option to select a future session that best accommodates your schedule.
Click “Enroll”  to be officially registered for the next Program session.

To unenroll from a future session, find the Program under the "Your Programs" heading. When you open the Program details, select the "Options" button you can choose "Cancel Enrollment."


For Programs you're actively participating in, selecting the "Options" button will let you "Remove from Active Programs"  Selecting "Remove from Active Programs" will turn off notifications for that Program and move it to the My Previous Programs section at the bottom of the Programs page and maintain your access to the Program for future review.

Once moved to the My Previous Programs section you have the option to "Remove Permanently," which will remove your progress data and association with that session and won't allow you to review the content (contributions from session participants) in the future.

You can also unenroll by enrolling in another session for the same Program.



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