Why doesn't my Program reflect 100% completion?

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If your Program completion doesn't reflect 100%, please check the status of your learning activities in the progress menu located on any Field Manual page.  To access the progress menu: 

  •   Select and open the Field Manual that does not show a 100% completion rate.
  •   Select the “hamburger” icon located in the upper left-hand corner.
  •   A vertical window will appear. This window will provide you with an overview of your completion status and all activities that require action.


The image below provides an example for the Field Manual “Uncertainty + Resilience.” As you can see in this example, the following activities are required:

  •   Five pages read
  •   Three videos watched
  •   One quiz answered
  •   Four polls answered
  •   One comments written
  •   Three comments voted for


Incomplete activities will remain in white text. Completed activities will change to red text. Once all learning requirements are complete, the Field Manual will reflect a 100% completion rate. NOTE: to receive credit for comments written, you must post a comment in the Action section for each Field Manual.


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