What is a Program?

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Our Programs are great for moving your skills to the next level. They take you from theory to application in a specific topic. Program topics are based on the skills we've worked with leaders and academics to identify as most important for success in the future.

Learners self-enroll in Programs that consist of teams of 30 to 50 fellow HR professionals. You go through the Program as a team, collaborating and sharing ideas with learners across the globe. Each Program lasts four to five weeks, with an average time commitment of four to five hours. 

In addition, Programs are asynchronous and self-paced, designed for you to complete on your own time.  They are offered on a repeating timetable, allowing you the flexibility to enroll in a session that best accommodates your schedule.  There is no pre-work required—simply sign in the day the Program launches, and be sure to complete all the required learning activities before the close date to earn a completion certificate.

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